There’s NO need for me to deliver the video message this week. This little angel has the perfect message for you!

Click below to watch today’s video.

My inbox was flooded with messages from people sending me this video asking “did you tell this little girl to say that Stacey?”

Of course, you know that I did not.

What’s perfect about this?

Clearly this message just flows right through her, from her heart and truth.

Now is the time!

The tide is turning Stacey. Right now!
Things are changing.

Enough people have been hurt. People are getting sick of living a life they don’t love because of this disposable relationship society we live in where no one is equipped with the tools and strategies to heal whatever damage their is and create a magnificent love!

You can HEAL anything that has transpired in your relationship! Every relationship can be RESCUED!

NO, we do not believe that every marriage is meant to last. But every relationship can be healed! And should be! So you can move free and whole into the next relationship.

If you have KIDS! You have NO CHOICE!
You MUST do the work to rescue your relationship!

I say it all the time! I will scream this from the mountaintops….as the kids are our mission here at RelationshipDevelopment.Org!

Your kids did NOT ask to come here. You brought them here. And now you owe it to them to heal your relationship with their parent so they can enjoy a peaceful co-parenting family for the rest of their lives!

Do the work!
It’s not an optional piece!

Do not live another day filled with pain, frustration, anger and spite towards someone who is a parent to your children!

No one said you have to stay married to them – but you have to RESCUE that relationship…for yourself, and for your kids!

But don’t listen to me!
Listen to this Princess!
Sending love,

p.s. when you are ready to Do The Work and transform your relationship, start with our Free Audio Program: “How to transform your relationship in eight steps!” Click here!

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(video) damn…I did it again!

September 23, 2015

We have a saying around here at RelationshipU®….”I’m on the spectrum with it!”
You know that moment where you realize that you “know better” but you aren’t doing what you know? Yeah, we all do!

Well, instead of letting it throw you off your path, in today’s video I’m teaching you a tool we use every day with our students to help you integrate what you “know” into who you “be”!

Click below to watch today’s video.

Post a comment and let me know what you are currently “on the spectrum with” in your life!

Sending love,


p.s. Love and Passion Coach is becoming RelationshipDevelopment.Org!!!

We are changing our name in the coming weeks! No worries – you will still get all the kick-ass strategies and tools to empower you to transform your relationships and create your life by design!

It’s still US! Paul and I and our growing amazing TEAM are here to serve you as always….and better than ever! And we will still send you a video strategy every Thursday!

Get Excited!! In the coming weeks you can look forward to free celebratory give-aways as we slide into our new space as RelationshipDevelopment.Org!

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(video) The trash talk has gotta stop!

September 16, 2015

Oh I’m going there today! In today’s video I’m sharing one of the strategies that we teach our students to empower you to create your unshakable love…where nothing and nobody can come between you! Click below to watch today’s video. I hope you will take me up on my challenge! Comment, Like and Share please!…

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(video) Stacey says to Give Up Hope! Whaaaat?!

September 9, 2015

I just know that this is how people are going to talk about this video… so I might as well diffuse it by being the first one to say it! Yes, I’m telling you about Giving Up HOPE today! And today’s video may surprise you! Click below to watch today’s video. Please post a comment…

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(video) Maybe Adam and Eve should have come to us for coaching??

September 2, 2015

One of our yummy RelationshipU® students Theresa sent me this book as a gift, “The Diaries of Adam and Eve translated by Mark Twain.” I LOVED this book and laughed hysterically through so much of it. What struck me was that this compilation of “diary entries” was written back in the 1800’s and yet, so…

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(video) What’s Your Story?

August 26, 2015

In today’s 6-minute video I share a strategy that we teach our students….and it’s all about your story. I use a very personal story of my own to demonstrate the point. I also give you a strategic assignment to get you unstuck and progressing forward. Click below to watch today’s video. Please post a comment…

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(video) surprising secret solution to your need to control

August 20, 2015

In today’s 5-minute video I teach you a surprising three step solution to your need to try to control!! This is something you can use in your love relationship and ALL your relationships…immediately! Click below to watch today’s video. If you enjoy today’s video, please comment, share and like! Sending love, Stacey  

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(video) Your Control Freak vs Your Feminine…who will win?

August 13, 2015

If you are a woman with a feminine core, and you find yourself driving, pushing and controlling throughout your day… doing so, is keeping you stuck in your masculine…and it can be a really hard pattern to break! In today’s 6-minute video, I am giving you TWO strategies to stop the “controlling, driving and pushing”…

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(video) How to Open to Your Feminine Energy

August 6, 2015

OMG!!! The Relationship Breakthrough Retreat was AMAZING last week!!! Whooo Hooooo!!!!! We will share pictures and stories in the coming weeks! Click below to watch today’s video. In today’s 6 minute video I give you a surprising strategy for getting into your feminine energy! So many women get stuck in the masculine and struggle with…

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(video) behind the “curtain”

July 30, 2015

I shot this quick video for you on Sunday when we arrived at the presidential suite at the Hyatt where we hosted our Relationship Breakthrough Retreat live event this week!!! In this video I share with you the two most common predicaments that keep you from creating the magnificent things you want to create in…

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