Oh my gosh! I’ve been so flooded by requests “So, how was the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat event?!”

I want to answer you….and I’m not exactly sure HOW to answer you!

I’m still digesting the experience myself! I can tell you a few things that I know for sure….

The Relationship Breakthrough Retreat exceeded every expectation we had for an event!

It was the most fun I’ve ever had in business in my life! And I’m a FUN gal! Fun is a huge priority for me! We strategically injected a ton of fun into this event, but the FUN-Level even exceeded MY expectations! And the Lovies (attendees) laughed with us through a great deal of the three days!

I’m stunned and amazed at the experience Paul and I, and our entire team, created for the attendees! From the energy, to the strategic exercises, to the content, to the multi-levels of transformational strategy delivered, to the flawless event delivery, to the video & audio, to the team and even the Lovies as a group….everything came together to deliver an experience beyond expectation!

The breakthroughs the Lovies experienced were beyond even what we could have imagined possible! We have been flooded with feedback from the Lovies of all the transformations, results and massive changes in their relationships! We are amazed and inspired by the breakthroughs!

I’m humbled and in awe of how many human beings have told me that this Retreat was a life-changing experience for them!

And YES, I am beyond thrilled to hear that there is SO MUCH MORE SEX (amazing sex) going on in the world already as a result of the Retreat!!! Oh Yeah!

It’s a blessing when your team tells you that 19 hour days don’t feel like work when we are having this much fun and creating so much magic!!!! Yes, our team put in 19 hour days to create the seamless experience our Lovies needed in order to get their ultimate breakthroughs! And it was worth every minute of our dedication to serve them in that way! We have the greatest team on the planet!!! And everyone gave 1000%!

It’s also a great honor when your Audio/Video crew tells you that they are too distracted by how compelling the event is! And when your camera man tells you that your segment on sex was one of the best event segments he’s ever filmed! (the man sits behind a camera for a living)!

All that is beyond amazing….I’m humbled, in awe and honestly still digesting most of it!!

All that said, for ME personally, if you wanna know what the BEST part of the event was for ME???  It was watching Paul deliver his content on stage!

That man delivered like nobody’s business! Every person at the event benefitted from Paul’s content, delivery, presence and example!

On the third day, when Paul was teaching Masculine Presence, he did something completely unplanned…and it was the highlight of the event for me! In order to teach Presence, Paul decided (without telling me) to demonstrate presence. When he went into his full presence state and approached me on stage, his masculine energy was electric!

My reaction was instantaneous! He’s the only thing that exists in my world in that moment. You can watch it happen on the video….I completely stop speaking, I’m not concerned about what’s around me…I totally melt into him. He was majestic!

The result was magical! The experience of masculine and feminine energy became VERY real for everyone! To learn masculine presence, nothing compares to experiencing it!  And many women told me afterwards that watching my reaction to Paul was a very powerful experience of feminine radiance, it shattered their old belief systems of what femininity looked like and gave them a very real, authentic and new experience of what feminine energy really is.

The greatest joy of the three days for me personally was watching Paul demonstrate how to step up as a man for your woman! His pure strength and power were off the charts and everyone was very well served!  including me;)

It was a delight and an honor for us to serve so many people together!

So many people have requested to see pieces of the event experience that we are working on a compilation video! We hope to have it for you in the coming weeks!

Until then, here are some photos from the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat!



Retreat14Group Pic


Paul and stacey at event




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Inspired, amazed, in awe, excited, proud, grateful, blessed and totally turned on!

That’s how I felt this past week when Paul showed me the content that he is teaching next week at the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat on Mature Masculine Presence!

It’s just inspiring to listen to a man so rooted in his Mature Masculine Presence speak about what it means to be rooted, immovable, confident and decisive. To lead from his heart, act with honor and integrity, take action because it’s the right thing to do and ALWAYS, ALWAYS be in service to his woman!

As Paul teaches it, a man who is connected to his masculine presence knows who he is, knows what he wants, and nothing will get in his way of getting to that outcome. I love to listen to him teach the difference between the immature and mature masculine!

We’ve all run into the immature masculine, that’s a confident, rooted and decisive man connected to his masculine energy and will let nothing get in his way of getting to his outcome, but it’s HIS outcome. He is acting from his ego, selfishly for his own gain, in spite of others, in spite of his woman. Not doing what is best for her, but using whomever he needs to in order to meet his own needs. YUCK.

Whereas the Mature Masculine understands his woman deeply. He can reach into her heart and feel what she needs and wants. His purpose is to serve, protect and provide for her. And doing all three of those things fills him up, gives him the win, fulfills his purpose!

So many women come to me who desperately want their man to step up in his mature masculine and come from this place for them!

I will tell you, it is AMAZING to be the woman Paul Martino lives to serve. There’s no question! And if you know me at all, you know I am the most grateful little girl on the planet!!!

Two key points I will share with you.

One, as Paul tells his story, many years ago, Paul was completely disconnected from his masculine presence. It was very much there, under the surface, but he was shoving it down and disconnecting from it intentionally because in his youth he was repeatedly told to keep his INTENSITY in check.

It was in his adult life that he cultivated his masculine energy into the mature masculine presence that he effortlessly lives in today! Paul believes that all men who have a masculine core, have masculine energy inside, they might not be connected to it right now, but it can be TAUGHT!

Two, I will say that when I was living in my masculine, I was not creating the environment for Paul to connect to his masculine to serve, protect and provide for me.

Many years ago, I was serving, protecting and providing ALL for myself. He wasn’t really NEEDED in that way when he came into my life. Thank G-d that changed!

Ladies, it’s a vulnerable act and one you may not be ready for, but you must surrender to his serving, protecting, and providing if you want him to step up and connect to his masculine.

You can take baby steps, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

You can lean into it, cultivate your feminine radiance in ways that feel authentic and comfortable but a bit of a stretch at first. Take baby steps into it.

On Day Two of the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat, Paul and I spend the entire afternoon teaching, demonstrating, and giving breakthrough experiences to the attendees ….all in Masculine and Feminine energy!

Oh my gosh the experiences we have planned!!! So excited!!!

Sending love,



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