In today’s 5 minute video, I am sharing a strategy to help you bring more FUN into your relationships and your life!

Today, so many of us are stuck in over-responsibility and the FUN and playfulness fly right out the window! But you know what?! We are SO much more impactful and productive when we are having FUN…plus, we get to have more FUN! It’s a Win-Win!

Instead of having “disdain” for fun, embrace it and watch your results multiply! In your love relationship, in your business, in your life….turning up the volume on your FUN will bring more results that you really want! And in today’s video, I’m sharing a quick strategy you can implement to start turning up the fun right away!

Be sure to post a comment on the blog under the video and let me know your take-away! I promise to read and respond!


Sending love,


p.s. Paul and I are heading out this weekend to our big 3 day live event…The Relationship Breakthrough Retreat!!!! We are so excited!!! Not only do we get to do the work we love by empowering people to create their unshakable love and unleashed passion and live their life by design….but this event is one of the MOST FUN experiences Paul and I have in our business….it’s a ROCKIN good time!!!! Life transformations, love, breakthroughs, music, energy, fun, laughing and a room full of over 100 amazing people ready to rock! Oh Yeah! Let’s Do This!  Hope we get to see you there!

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I made this new 5 minute video for you here teaching something that you can use in your love relationship and all relationships!

Everyone is talking about “authenticity” these days…it’s a bit over-used and becoming a “sound-bite” more than a way of life.

But before that “authenticity” bites YOU in the ass, watch this video where I share a strategy that we teach our students about the nasty and surprising downside of authenticity…and how to steer clear of it!

Post a comment below the video and let me know what you get from this strategy!

Sending love,


p.s. the truth is that no one ever taught us the tools and strategies for how to master our state in every situation, how to master the differences between men and women to bring out the best in our partner and everyone we interact with, how to have masterful influence in any given situation and how to create incredible relationships with everyone in our lives….our partner, our kids, our family, our clients, our teams, our partners, our boss, our friends…the list goes on.

Life & Business is nothing more than YOU and your relationships!

If you don’t have mastery of yourself, you are wasting your time trying to master your trade, your business or anything else…because it’s YOU and the relationships and influence you have in your business that creates the results.

The same is true in your love relationship….even more so!

Sounds like something worth investing in…don’t you think?

There’s still time for you to join us for 3 days (July 27-29) at the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat…time is running out! You can attend in person (Princeton, NJ) or attend virtually via the live stream with just an internet connection and your device!

Check it out here:

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