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Have you ever had something that you LOVED to do, a passion, a mission, a calling, that burns inside of you…but no way to actually spend any time doing that ONE thing?!

Well, I know that feeling. That was me.

Actually, it took me YEARS to figure out my passion. I’ve been in personal development for 19 years, but I started out doing it all for ME because I wanted to be happier in my life! Back then, I had no idea that my journey was really for YOU!

Then one day someone asked me to “coach” them. I was like “I don’t know anything about coaching, but I know how to transform, and I’ll teach you what I’ve mastered if you are into that!” One session and I was ON FIRE! (and so was my client)

Coaching, speaking….teaching is the thing that I became passionate about doing; it was BURNING inside of me. But I had a belief that I could only do that “on the side” and go do my “real” job for the income I needed to contribute to my family.

I was so committed to my passion, that I went back to my mentor Tony Robbins to get several certifications in marriage education, divorce prevention, strategic intervention and lots of advanced coaching techniques that allow me to hear the conversation that is not being spoken, and work with people at the “software” level so their breakthroughs are lasting! (still “on the side” as I did my “job”). I LOVED every second of that training with Tony and his partner, my teacher, Cloe Madanes.

That’s another clue to help you figure out what you are passionate about….do you love doing it so much that you would love to do it all day long?  The more I trained with Tony & Cloe the happier and happier I was.

If you know our story, you know that Paul and I are passionate about our relationship and empowering other people to transform theirs because of what we went through to bring our own relationship back from the edge many years ago.

Paul and I put years into creating and testing our Relationship Transformation System® to empower people to create their unshakable love and unleashed passion all in a way that they don’t need their partner to participate for it to work.  (still “on the side” as I did my “job”)

Then one day I watched a video with this amazing woman talking about how you can actually get PAID to do what you love, your mission in the world, so that you can DO MORE OF IT! I was like ‘WHHHAAAATTT????”

She had it all figured out, she had created her own successful multi-seven figure business, she had helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create successful six and seven figure businesses, she had a repeatable process, it was consistently working for her clients, and she was full of love, authenticity and integrity!  I started LISTENING to that woman, her name is Fabienne Fredrickson!

Fabienne & Derek had the Client Attraction Business School – it was the piece we were missing to monetize what we do so that we can spend our time actually doing more of it to serve more people.

In a million years I never imagined that just 18 months after starting in the Client Attraction Business School we would have a multi-six figure business, hundreds of clients, and the ability to serve TENS of thousands of people with our videos, audios, articles, and by GIVING AWAY our proven eight step Relationship Transformation System®!

What’s the point of this story? You cannot possibly imagine what you can accomplish when you take the hand of someone who is consistently creating those results for people, and put that process to work for you! Working with experts and surrounding yourself with a supportive and loving environment is KEY! In EVERY area of your life where you want to grow!

If I hadn’t trained with Tony & Cloe, I wouldn’t have the impact with our clients that I have today, I wouldn’t be the coach that I am today.

If we hadn’t worked with Fabienne & Derek, we would still be trying to help 3 or 4 people a year instead of tens of thousands!

If I had not said YES to working with these amazing mentors and implementing what they taught me in my own authentic way, the real tragedy would be the families…the women, men and kids who would not be experiencing the happy lives they are experiencing today because they worked with us. The babies that would not have been born this year because their parents would have divorced last year without Love & Passion Coach.

Why am I sharing this?

I’m not sure what it is for you personally sweetie, but this is one thing I know for sure – there’s something in your life that you need to say YES to.  A mentor, a coach, a program, a book, a seminar…something! There’s an area of your life that you are unhappy about…and someone has the solution…and you need to say YES!

But you haven’t yet.

So, what is it? Just get really clear.

What is the area of your life that you are unhappy, frustrated, stuck or just plain miserable in?

And WHO is already living in the “after” story that you want and is teaching others successfully and repeatedly to create the results you want?

Whomever they are… them out, read their stuff, watch their videos, join their programs, do their step-by-step systems! Take action!

Post below, tell me the area of your life, who has the solution you need and the action that you are committed to taking right now!

Then you can email me and tell me how freakin’ grateful you are that your life is so magnificent, you could never have imagined it could be this amazing this fast!!!!

Sending love,


P.S. I love sharing resources that I LOVE with the people that I LOVE! Here are two of my favorites, if it serves you!

In my opinion, there’s no better program for growing and leveraging your business than the Client Attraction Business School. If you have a message that you want to get out there in a big way or a business that you are committed to growing and leveraging, there is no better program than the Client Attraction Business School here! In just 18 months, Paul and I have grown our business to multiple six figures, we have hundreds of clients and serve more than ten thousand people around the world. You can make more money, get more clients and create the business you love too! Check out the Client Attraction Business School:

I will happily shout it from the mountaintops, there is NO better coach training in the world than Robbins Madanes Coach Training!  I’ve had the privilege of training with Tony for 19 years and training with Cloe for the past 7 years, and in my opinion, the Robbins Madanes Training program is by far the greatest work that Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes have ever done (and that is saying a lot). If you want to be a COACH, I highly encourage you to check out the free coach training program that RMT offers to give you a very real experience of what the RMT certification training is! This free training will literally change your life and how you coach! Get it here:

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You MUST get out of the toilet!

September 11, 2014

Your ability to have Mastery of your state, regardless of your environment and surroundings is one of the greatest assets you can have in life.

It’s what we all depend on from “emergency response” professionals. But in our own lives, WE are all the emergency response people!

At our recent Relationship Breakthrough Retreat live event, I had the pleasure of teaching one of our favorite relationship tools for mastering your state!

The State-O-Meter™!

Imagine one of those big “thermometers” that measures donations as they come in on a telethon. As the donations rise, so does the level on the thermometer.

Think of this as your State-O-Meter.

medical_red_thermometer_1At the very bottom is your LOW state, in the middle is your MIDDLE state and at the very top of the meter is your HIGH state. (simple!)

Here’s the thing.

When your partner drops BELOW the 50% line, into a low state, the KEY is that YOU must maintain your medium to high state and NOT drop down with them!

If you both drop down into a low state, you are BOTH hijacked and “in the toilet”! What good is going to come of that?! If you get triggered down into a low state, who’s going to pull you both out? Who’s going to be the hero? Who will be your emergency response professional? No one, because you are both in the toilet!

That’s why it’s SO critical to cultivate your state mastery.

Here’s the real key to this…….many of our clients are SHOCKED when I tell them this….

We teach hundreds of relationship tools & strategies in our step-by-step Relationship Transformation System®, and when you are BOTH in a low state….you can’t access ANY of them! You can’t put your partner first, you can’t love at level three, you can’t use what you understand about the differences between masculine and feminine, etc.

And you shouldn’t try!

When you have dropped below the 50% line in your state, you only have to do ONE THING…..

Get back into state! Get over the 50% line! That’s it!

Stop efforting at all that other stuff and JUST raise your state!

Only when you are over the 50% line, can you utilize all the tools & strategies that really work to transform your relationship!

If you do nothing else to improve your relationship, cultivate your state mastery!

If you want more tools for this, download our free audio program or reach out to us about our programs and events! No matter how you do it, you must cultivate your state mastery. It will impact every area of your life.

Sending love,


p.s. Since today is the anniversary of 9-11, I want to share with you one of the greatest examples of state mastery I have ever witnessed.

After being with Tony Robbins for 19 years, I can tell you with absolute certainty that your level of State Mastery is directly tied to the quality of your life!

On September 11, 2001, Tony Robbins was in Hawaii with 2,000 people gathered at a multi-day leadership event with him. When the events of 9-11 started here on the East Coast, it was the middle of the night for Tony and the thousands of people with him.

I’ve watched HOURS of video footage from that day with Tony. It impacted me in many ways and I’m grateful for all of them.

In this shortened video footage from that day, watch as Tony brings people together in a way that no one ever expected.

“Out of great tragedy, some good must come.” – Tony Robbins


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Your Greatest Power IS Your Femininity

September 4, 2014

Your greatest power is your femininity. Ironically, it somehow our femininity got lost along our journey to empowerment. The experience that we have of a woman who is truly in her feminine is called “feminine radiance”.  When a man experiences a woman’s feminine radiance, he is captivated and magnetized to her, like a moth to […]

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August 28, 2014

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I didn’t like the mother I was…..

August 21, 2014

I have a belief that I have formed over the 10 plus years of being a mother. I believe that some people are born with the innate ability to be a magnificent parent – to effortlessly and effectively bring out the best in their kids and delight in the process. And others (like me) are […]

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Robin Williams left us an unopened gift when he took his life this week

August 14, 2014

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How can you appreciate the S%#T that drives you crazy??

August 7, 2014

Your partner is a separate human being from you. They are NEVER going to think, act, process, and feel the same way you do. Seriously darling. This is not just “tweetable” crap I’m telling you. I really want you to take this in and FEEL IT! Those differences about your partner that are driving you […]

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Big fun, huge transformations and a lot of sex!!!!!!!!!!

July 31, 2014

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Paul Teaches Mature Masculine Presence

July 17, 2014

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An unexpected BREAKTHROUGH from Kevin James, Carl the Painter and Paul!

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